Sweet is a traditional, hand-made chocolate and confectionery shop at Ferry Rd Market on the Gold Coast. The custom typeface oozes silky, melted chocolate and is paired with a heart symbol to represent the love in giving and receiving fine chocolates.

The main shop sign was cut out of acrylic with a curved router bit, spray-painted with a faux-chrome finish and formed around curved timber battens inspired by a chocolate tray. Big, glossy hearts adorn the walls; made of MDF, finished with paint and 2-pac.

Economy was achieved with the printing by using only two colours and fitting multiple square business cards, price tickets and gift cards onto one sheet.

Creative direction by Tony Gooley

Sweet logo

Sweet logo

Sweet Chocolate hero sign Sweet Chocolate shop Sweet Chocolate shingle sign Sweet Chocolate environmental signage

Sweet signage

Sweet Confectionery gift card

Sweet gift card, tent signs and business cards