Walking Wounded fundraiser and New Farm art exhibition

Feb 12, 2015

Last week I had two A3 size reproductions of my Teneriffe illustration beautifully printed and framed for two special events this month.

The first was donated to the Teneriffe Chamber of Commerce, to help raise money for Walking Wounded’s 2015 Ultimate Tribute to the ANZACs. The event was held at The Triffid in Newstead, with many local businesses coming together to raise a significant amount of money for charity.

The second will be displayed at a small art exhibition at the end of February to celebrate the launch of the New Farm Historical Society’s new book. I’ve been collaborating with the author on the cover design, and my illustration will be in the Urban Renewal chapter of the book too.

If you like the illustration, you can buy A4 gift size prints from New Farm Editions on Merthyr Road, the Museum of Brisbane gift shop in City Hall or online. I also have a very limited number of frames in stock and now offer larger sizes. Email me for prices.