How Adobe Illustrator changed graphic design

Aug 03, 2014

When Adobe launched Illustrator in 1987, I was in grade 4 and graphic design was a hands-on, tedious process of cutting and pasting type on a page with scalpels and rubber cement. Thankfully by the time I started studying graphic design in 1999, the industry had evolved and most designers had embraced the world of computers.

I usually start a project with pen and paper, then move into Adobe Illustrator, as it suits my crisp, contemporary style of graphic design. Unlike Photoshop which is pixel-based, Illustrator works on points and lines which form shapes that are infinitely scalable. For that reason, it’s the perfect tool for:

Designing logos
• Modifying or creating typefaces
• Creating illustrations, patterns, infographics and graphs

Watch the video below to see how Adobe Illustrator changed graphic design and became an essential tool for designers worldwide.