Continuing Professional Development for graphic designers

Dec 01, 2014

In the 12 years that I worked as a graphic designer for other businesses, I rarely had the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge beyond what I learnt through experience. I didn’t know what I was missing until I started freelancing and had more time to think about what I needed to learn to offer a better service to my clients.

This year I’ve completed advanced Adobe InDesign training, a number of business development workshops and even a full-day grammar course. As well as formal training, I’ve read books about brand strategy and watched instructional videos on and YouTube on a wide range of topics such as drawing the human anatomy and building a website.

I’ve been able to apply that wealth of knowledge to my business, and the benefits have been immediate:
• I’ve learnt more efficient ways of doing things
• I’ve learnt new skills which have lead to new projects and
• I’m inspired and motivated to continue to provide a high quality, ethical standard of practice